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WHEN: March 2 and 3  (Saturday, Sunday)
​​​​​​​10AM - 4PM - With breaks  - both days
​​​​​​​WHERE: Your Home - Zoom Video (Archived Forever)
​​​​​​​HOW MUCH: ONLY $179.00 USD
​​​​​​​For 10 hours of classes  ​​​​​​

Even if you can't make the class in real-time you should get this class. The recordings will be available and can be revisited for years,... as much as you need.

How do we know when to look at the dasha and went to look at the planetary transits in order to make predictions? The truth is you have to know how to look at both, and when to do so.

The classical Indian literature is thin on how to do precise transit work. But in this weeekend class I will have many case studies showing how karma's get activated based on the transit, as well as how to prioritize transits in your life and your clients life all of the time.

​​​​​​​You will learn how to separate just a "general focus" from a major transit that brings a new event or karmic cycle into someone's life. I will also describe “Special Aspects by Transit” and “Raja Yogas by Transit”. I have been watching these daily transits for 12 years, and publishing daily transit reports as well.

  1. The 3 areas where you can always find "good news" in your life and when you're giving in astrology reading.
  2. The big secret to explaining “Sade Sati”, and how you can alleviate your clients fear but still keep them on track and growing.
  3. Dealing with the momentary "obsessions" in your life and how to know when they can become dangerous or pathological.
  4. Important transits that can make or break your relationships.
  5. How to know when to follow your inspirations at work and for how long – and when to slow down and consolidate.
  6. The most important transits for spiritual transformation, but it's not what you think.
  7. How transits affect our physical health and when it can be serious.
  8. Many case studies that bring it all to life.​​​​​​​
It is a Zoom Conference Call 
From the convenience of your home you can learn the truth of making Predictions w/ Tranists  

In just 1 weekend (in real-time) – or 10 hours at your own leisure, I'll show you how to get a handle on analyzing planets by transit for a lifetime.

Sure, you already look at transits, but you're just looking on the surface. I guarantee you're overlooking a lot.

One way aspects, Raja yogas, transits to dasha planets, aspects to karakas and house rulers. All of these must also be considered. I will teach you how that works!  
  •  Saturn transits are bad and show a lot of problems right?, Wrong!
  • Raja Yogas by transit can show incredible success, especially when other timing factors are at play. No one ever talks about this, but now you will know the secret! Will
  • “Aspect stacking” is really important and you must check for it. But first you must know what it is.
  • When Mars comes calling by transit, you will have to deal with it. But what will you do, what type of advice you give with the Mars transit?
  • The single most important thing to tell a person dealing with a difficult Saturn transit. HINT, it is both the last thing they want to do and the only thing they must do.​​​​​​​
  • The real "holy grail" of analyzing transits based on the functional nature of each planet.
  • How to streamline and simplify your readings and the process of transit analysis, so you can bust through the mental clutter and confusion and pass on the clarity to your clients (or yourself).
  • ​​​​​​​Far superior than looking into 5 levels of the Dasas. 2 Levels of Dasha and in-depth correct transit analysis is all I use and it is PLENTY! 

Bonus Course - $147.00 Value
You can finally know once and for all how retrograde planets will act in your chart and in every other chart as well. That includes the planets when they go retrograde in the sky.

In this Advanced Course You will learn:
1. Each retrograde planet for each ascending sign. So you know the nature of EVERY possible combination. Because you see, for each ascendant the effects of retrograde will be totally different.

~ For Aries, I will discuss Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn - not just in general but as HOUSE RULERS.
~ For Taurus, I will also discuss the same, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. But due to the house rulerships and relationships the retrograde will have totally different effects, and may even be very supportive.

2. I discuss the effects of the house placement of the retrograde planet AND the nature of what gets produced (or denied) due to the retrograde motion. This is crucial to knowing what the retrograde planet will give.

3. I also discuss the retrograde planets by transit in the sky.

4. I also have several case studies of real live charts.

The Real Scoop
In the example to the right , all planets would be retrograde. Mercury and Venus are moving faster and at the same part of their orbit as the Earth. The Earth is doing the same relative to Saturn Mars and Jupiter.

In such cases,the innate quality of the retrograde planet will be important and developed internally to the native, as well as the psychology of the planet (psychology is internal).

However, the things in life ruled by the retrograde planet AS A HOUSE RULER AND ORGANIC, LIVING KARAKA will not unfold smoothly. This is because our life on Earth,

Retrograde Master Course Description
Each Retrograde Planet
How each Retrograde planet disrupts as a Karaka - Like Venus and relationships - Jupiter and Children
Planet as House ruler
The retrograde planet also disrupts based on what it rules
Planet by transit
The house the planet is transiting gets affected.
A Master Class is a class where it is just me teaching, without interruption and / or distracting questions.

This format usually yields the highest benefit - but you should take a lot of notes.

Lifetime Access:
You can refer to this material for the rest of your life.  

​​So, Let's Recap.
You Get:
1. Making Predictions With Transits Class  (10 hrs.)

2. Retrograde Course (6 hrs.)
3. 10 Hours of Live ZOOM Classes
4. Lifetime Access to all of it.
5. If you cannot attend in real time, no worries, you still get lifetime access to all classes.

WHEN: March 2 and 3  (Saturday, Sunday)
​​​​​​​10AM - 4PM - With breaks  - both days
​​​​​​​WHERE: Your Home - Zoom Video (Archived Forever)
​​​​​​​HOW MUCH: ONLY $179.00 USD
​​​​​​​For 10 hours of classes  ​​​​​​

Even if you can't make the class in real-time you should get this class. The recordings will be available and can be revisited for years,... as much as you need.

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